Location & Directions

Woofermutt GateTraining Room
8025 Toltec Lane
Colorado Springs, CO  80908
Do not pull into the main house drive, but rather the dirt road just west of the house.  (Pipeline; Gate has "Bernese Blvd" & Woofermutt on it.)  Park here and walk up the drive to the training barn.

Parking - Please back in to park.  Put the rear of your car on the westside (mountain side) of the pipeline and nose of your car facing the barn.  
The barn has infrared tube heat, it goes a long way towards heating the barn, but it is still advisable to wear your winter coat and layer, you can always shed layers if you get warm enough. There is no bathroom in the barn.  If you are training please have enclosed shoes, no sandals or flip flops.  We always work on form, with brisk walking.  I want to concentrate on you not flopping shoes.

All dogs MUST BE ON LEASH at all times unless otherwise instructed.  All dog poop is yours, please pick up and deposit in trash.
Classes to be held at Cindy & Michelle's house in Black Forest, just south of Burgess between Black Forest Rd and Volmer. Click here for map.